Paul was not afraid of the Corinthians or the false prophets that were active within the church aT Corinth. He wasn't afraid of dying, suffering, or of being slandered. What Paul truly feared was that the church in Corinth would fail to grow to maturity in Christ or even worse that the lost there would remain lost. Paul knew that the works of the flesh can still rear their ugly heads in the lives of believers and he knew that the impact of such actions can rock the church.

I. The Problems associated with unrepentance are fearful. vs 20-21

a. Immaturity

b. Contentions

c. Jealousy

d. Angry Tempers

e. Selfish Disputes

f. Slander

g. uncleanness

h. fornication

i. lewdness

II. The Pain caused by unrepentance is real. vs 21

III. Discipline is fearful but neccessary. 13:1-2

IV. Discipline is fair but often painful. vs 1