As chapter 10 progresses Paul is trying to help the Corinthian church understand what a Real Man of God looks like. Paul explains the attributes that a man of God should have and then encourages them to examine those that are attempting to lead.  Paul cannot hope to control the church or the people in it, but he is certainly attempting to lead them in the direction of Truth. 

I. A real man of God loves Jesus, His Church, and His people. vs 7-9

II. A real man of God is genunine and full of integrity. vs 10-11

III. A real man of God is a Humble servant. vs 12-18 

     a. He doesn't compare himself with others. vs 12

     b. He willingly limits himself. vs 13 

     c. He doesn't take credit for other's work. vs 14-16 

     d. He is only interested in God's Glory. vs 17 

     e. He is concerned about God's judgment more than man's. vs 18